why i went from drupal to wordpress for blogging

January 21, 2009

This site used to be powered by drupal, but after several weeks of configuration hell I decided to try wordpress– and I was pleasantly surprised.

Before I go any further, I’d like to point out that this is not a drupal vs wordpress flame bait. This is simply my experience. I hope it helps you if you are deciding between the two systems for blogging. From the post title you probably already know what my preference is. I’m writing this about  drupal 6.8 and wordpress 2.7.



triple monitor setup with unibody macbook

January 17, 2009

You can hook up two external monitors to your unibody MacBook and I’ll show you how to do it:


triple monitor setup unibody macbook



custom UIImagePickerController camera view

January 12, 2009

WARNING: While there are many apps (including some of mine) that use this technique, you should know some new apps and updates to existing apps have been rejected recently (april/2009). Please read the comments. So far I don’t know of any instances where the developer successfully argued Apple’s decision if the app was rejected.

With all that said, there’s still an outpour of apps that use this technique… so the decision is your.

Here is some information about inspecting and customizing the UIImagePickerController camera view. You can download the working xcode project with all the source code here: customImagePicker



aluminum MacBook 4gb ram upgrade – no problem!

January 8, 2009

You might have read articles on the internet about aluminum MacBooks becoming unstable after 3rd party RAM upgrade.

Well, some good news: I’m writing this post on a 2.0ghz aluminum MacBook with 4gb memory from OWC!

unibody MacBook with 4gb RAM from OWC

unibody MacBook with 4gb RAM from OWC



how to fix iphone code signing errors

January 4, 2009

This post is a collection of all code signing solutions, including my suggestions, in one place.

You can find fixes for issues like:

  • distribution profile not showing up in xcode
  • packaging is using the wrong folder
  • no packaging or code signing done during build
  • code signing with the wrong certificate
  • error during app upload saying the app has been signed with invalid certificate

If you are experiencing any of these issues, please read on…