change __MyCompanyName__ in xcode templates

January 4, 2010

For some strange reason there is no way to specify a company name in XCode. Most source code templates include __MyCompanyName__ in the comments. To change it, open terminal and type this command replacing __MyCompanyName__ with whatever you want:


installing windows 7 from a USB stick

October 27, 2009

Microsoft offers a tool to create a bootable USB stick (thumb drive? flash drive? floppy disk?) using a Windows7 ISO image, but if you purchased an educational/student copy of Windows7, it won’t work for you.


suppress layer numbers in Export Layers To Files

October 18, 2009

Adobe Photoshop CS4 comes with a script that exports layers to files, but it adds layer numbers to the file names by default. After lots of manual renaming I decided to add an option to suppress the layer numbers.


dw1510 windows xp drivers

October 17, 2009

I’ve recently replaced the network card in my Acer Aspire One 250 netbook with a Dell DW1510.I had some trouble finding the drivers on Dell‘s site, so I’m posting the info here.


mercurial with ssh setup on windows

May 21, 2009

Mercurial is awesome. Mercurial over SSH is even awesomer. Here’s a way to set it up on Windows using PuTTY.


playing and converting .mts files on vista64

February 5, 2009

You want to play and convert .mts files on Vista64 for free? Here’s how, using Windows Media Player and Windows Media Encoder. I’ll also show you how to batch encode multiple files. Not only is this totally free, but the quality is amazing. Truly. It will take a couple minutes to setup, but it’s totally […]


ssh and scp without password

January 31, 2009

If you have to login to your server using ssh, typing the password every time gets annoying pretty fast. You also need to get around the password check for automating scp. It’s very easy to setup ssh so that it works without typing in your password. It works by creating a DSA key on your […]


search on vista quickly from start

January 21, 2009

One of the coolest features of Vista is the ability to search right from the start menu. You can quickly find programs and documents (similar to the spotlight search on the mac).