add mercurial version info to xcode project

April 21, 2009

I’ll describe one way of adding mercurial version information automatically to an xcode project.

I recently switched from subversion to mercurial. I know, I should’ve done this years ago, don’t think I’m not kicking myself for it… mercurial is awesome (so is git, but I had to pick one.)

While I don’t really care about updating my source file comments with the revision number (I guess this is called CVS/RCS-style keyword substitution), I do like to have access to the revision number during the build process so I can add the revision number in some hidden spot of my application (one reason is to make sure that testers have the correct build- hate chasing already fixed bugs from old builds.)

The mercurial wiki suggests defining a directive in the Makefile. But xcode has it’s own build system and doesn’t use Makefiles (in normal circumstances.) Nor did I find a dynamic way to update OTHER_CFLAGS during build process.

My solution automatically generates a header file where a couple constants are defined. The header looks like this:

#define kHgGlobalRevision @"900b0f65d8f8+"
#define kHgLocalRevision @"6+"
#define kHgBranch @"default"
#define kHgTags @"tip"

All the information I need! I decided to define NSString constants as this information will usually be appended to other NSStrings.

The header file is created by a Run Script build phase. To add this build phase, right click on the target, and select Add > New Build Phase > New Run Script Build Phase:

add runscript build phase

add runscript build phase

I renamed the build phase to Run Script (hgversion) so I can easily find it later. Also, move this build phase to the top; we want this build phase to run before any other:

runscript build phase at top

runscript build phase at top

To edit the script, open the info window for the run script build phase (command-i is the shortcut 😉 and type in the shell script to query the version numbers and output to hgversion.h:

hgversion runscript info

hgversion runscript info

Here’s the script for copy and paste:

# echo hg revision information into hgversion.h (overwrites old file)

echo "#define kHgGlobalRevision @"\"`/opt/local/bin/hg id -i`\" > hgversion.h
echo "#define kHgLocalRevision @"\"`/opt/local/bin/hg id -n`\" >> hgversion.h
echo "#define kHgBranch @"\"`/opt/local/bin/hg id -b`\" >> hgversion.h
echo "#define kHgTags @"\"`/opt/local/bin/hg id -t`\" >> hgversion.h

As you can see the version numbers are output to hgversion.h. The old file is overwritten.

Add the header file to your project and use the constants as you wish!

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